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Trailfinders Canary Wharf - Project Gallery

S.A. Kelly have undertaken a wide range of decorating services both internally and externally including wide vinyl paper hanging and spray painting to interior and exterior shop fronts.

Trailfinders Canary Wharf Travel Centre

Commissioned by Woodcraft Joinery, S.A. Kelly deliver exceptional finish for Trailfinders Canary Wharf Travel Centre.

When Woodcraft Joinery contacted us, they specified the high quality finish required to reflect these expert travel consultants to best advantage. We were aware that the décor was effectively to be used as an advertising tool for new travel experiences and followed the scheme to reflect that.

The expert architectural and design team devised a tasteful layout with flamboyant décor to appeal to the adventurer in every traveller. A neutral colour scheme was used throughout, against a backdrop of striking green and plum walls. Large paper or vinyl custom graphics were adhered to the walls and individual booths where agents worked. These were used to display various exotic locations, highlighted with cohesive signposting.

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